memplus is not only a suite of systems which are aimed to enhance your digital space, but it is also a collaboration with our team to give you the support and service needed for your organisation’s technological transformation. Built in partnership with Portsmouth Students' Union.

why memplus

Innovation, digital transformation and community. These are what drive us forward. What drives your organisation forward?

Digital transformation

We’ve worked in partnership with UPSU for the last 7 years - in that time we’ve transformed their digital offerings with innovative solutions completely tailored to their students and team. We are now looking to provide the same, powerful service to other organisations looking to take digital transformation seriously.

Community innovation

We'll work with you and your stakeholders to innovate your digital space - through plugins and projects, pushing what's possible to give your students the best experience possible.

Part of your team

Our team of developers, designers and support staff are yours to command - from getting answers to questions you might have, helping with the day to day running of your site to providing technical solutions to problems you are facing - choose what support capacity you need.

memplus platform plugins


Build and manage your own website from your mem+ portal. Easily create events, posts and pages to ensure your digital presence is always up to date.


Manage your organisation’s groups, easily identify members, allow students to purchase and manage online and build reports to intelligently target your audiences.

Data Warehouse

Manage your student population, create reports based on their behaviours and drive engagement throughout your association.


Allow students to purchase online with our fully complient and SCA ready checkout processes.


Manage your complete election process from student self-nomination through to voting, reporting and results.


A full petition system allowing your students to create petitions which can be signed by others.

how we've helped

Here are some examples of the problems our partners have faced and the innovations and solutions we created, providing measurable success

UPSU has positioned itself as a leader in the digital space for student organisations. We work closely together to ensure our products are uniquely tailored to the wants and needs of the market.

Let's talk

memplus is looking to grow its community of clients so whether you are interested in getting started with your digital innovation or just looking for a bit more information on our products and how we can work with you - please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team using this form.

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